Signature Policy for Self-Promotion

Signature Policy for Self-Promotion:

In alignment with our commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue within the Embrasure Space community, we have established a policy for users who wish to promote their own products or services. To maintain the integrity and focus of discussions in our public community forums, we encourage users to place promotional links in their signature field, rather than within the body of their posts or comments. This allows users to showcase their personal projects, businesses, or services without disrupting the flow of community conversation. Please note that the content of these links must comply with our overall community standards. Misuse of the signature field for explicit advertising, spamming, or content that violates our guidelines may result in penalties, including warnings or suspension. As always, we encourage our users to report any violations they observe. Let’s continue to make Embrasure Space a place of engaging, respectful, and insightful discussions.