Who we help

Embrasure Space is a platform built to help dentists, coaches, consultants, and other professionals who aspire to distribute their own online continuing education courses.

How we Help

Save Time & Money

As dentists and business owners, your time is limited and valuable. We believe that you should be able to create your own continuing education course without all of the headaches and expenses typically associated with developing, maintaining, and building your own online continuing education course.

Course Accreditation

If you have ever tried to create your own continuing education course, you know that achieving accreditation from either the American Dental Association or the Academy of General Dentistry is expensive and time-consuming.


We maintain accreditation with the Academy of General Dentistry through their PACE program so you do not have to worry about maintaining compliance.

Maintain Compliance

Speaking of compliance, did you know that if you are accredited to provide continuing education credits to your students through the AGD’s PACE program that you are required to submit the attendance of AGD members who participate in your course to the AGD within 30 days?

With Embrasure Space, you do not need to worry about submitting any of your attendees credits to the AGD, because we do that for you.

Support Your Customers

No matter how well your website and course are designed, some customers will have questions or experience technical difficulties.

We use support ticket software to manage incoming inquiries and provide timely support to your customers by email.

Issue Certificates

After completing your course, a certificate is generated for your students to download and print. We keep PDF versions of these certificates on file at Embrasure Space, and our customers can access their certificates at any time through their dashboard. With Embrasure Space, you do not have to keep your own records and you will never have to search for a lost certificate on your client’s behalf again.

Collect Payment

We collect payments from your customers, issue refunds when necessary, and distribute your earnings directly to you via PayPal on a monthly basis. Students on our site can purchase courses using any major credit or debit card or their PayPal account.

No Hassle Maintenance

Running your own website to distribute an online course can be challenging and costly. When you use Embrasure Space to distribute your course, you are using a platform that we are responsible for updating and maintaining which helps you keep your costs down as you build your business.

Are you ready to Launch Your Course?