Embrasure Space is an online platform aimed at building a network of value for general dentists, specialist, and other professionals whose goal is to support healthcare providers throughout their careers.

Embrasure Space facilitates these connections by allowing professionals to hold public discussions in forums and private discussions in groups.

Users can also connect at the individual level as friends, send private messages, upload documents, photos, and videos, use the @ symbol to mention a colleague and notify him or her of a topic of interest.

Embrasure Space is a private network open to dental professionals and those who seek to support them throughout their careers.

Connect with other professionals practicing locally or abroad.

Hold public or private discussions, collaborate on cases, and ask questions.

Mention your friends using the @ symbol to notify them of a topic and bring them into the conversation.

Send other users public or private messages.

Upload photos, videos, and other documents to share your expertise or ask for specific advise.

Create public or private groups to reconnect with your classmates and colleagues or collaborate with users with similar interests.