Product Endorsement and Disclosure Policy

Product Endorsement and Disclosure Policy:

At Embrasure Space, we value honesty and transparency in all interactions. If you endorse a product on our platform, it’s essential to clearly disclose any “material connection” you have with the brand associated with the product. This policy is intended to maintain the integrity of the endorsements shared on the platform, allowing users to make informed decisions about the content they encounter.

A “material connection” could be a personal, family, or employment relationship, or a financial relationship, such as the brand compensating you monetarily, or providing you with free or discounted products or services. An explicit disclosure of these relationships is crucial to maintain the honesty and truthfulness of your endorsements.

Failure to disclose a material connection may mislead a user about the endorsement value and is considered a violation of this policy. Any violation may result in penalties, including but not limited to account suspension or termination.

Each user is responsible for keeping this policy in mind when they share endorsements on Embrasure Space. We encourage everyone to respect and contribute to the transparent, honest environment we strive to build and maintain on our platform.