Marketplace and Commerce Policy

Marketplace & Commerce Policy:

At Embrasure Space, we prioritize the safety and respect of our community members. As such, we prohibit the creation of a marketplace within any group for the purpose of selling or trading physical or digital goods or services. Any attempt to establish such trade, whether overt or covert, may result in the removal of the group or individual member from our platform.

We understand that commerce can be an integral part of community interaction and growth. That’s why we recommend users interested in selling or buying goods or services to visit our sister site, DentWoo. DentWoo is designed with robust, user-friendly commerce features that enable safe and reliable transactions, while also respecting and adhering to our commitment to user safety and respect.

We kindly request all users to comply with this policy and thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe and respectful community on Embrasure Space.

Third-Party Marketplace Links Policy:

While direct commerce within Embrasure Space groups is not permitted, we do understand that our community members may have business endeavors on other platforms. As such, users are allowed to post links to their public listings on third-party marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or others. In doing so, we remind users to respect the integrity and rules of those platforms, as well as the Embrasure Space Community Policies and Terms of Service. Please note, however, that any transactions taking place through these third-party links are not the responsibility of Embrasure Space and we encourage our members to exercise caution and diligence while conducting such transactions.