Group Moderation and Policies

Group Moderation and Responsibility:

Embrasure Space does not moderate public or private groups within our platform. The responsibility for moderating these micro-communities lies entirely with the group administrators. Group administrators are expected to ensure their groups follow our Terms of Service and Community Policies in order to maintain a respectful and productive environment.

  • Group Moderation: Administrators are responsible for monitoring content, managing member behavior, and addressing any concerns or conflicts within their groups. They are also responsible for implementing and enforcing rules within their groups that align with our platform’s policies.
  • Terms of Service & Community Policies Compliance: All groups must adhere to Embrasure Space’s Terms of Service and Community Policies. Administrators must familiarize themselves with these guidelines and ensure their members abide by them. Failure to comply with these policies may lead to consequences, including the removal of the group from our platform.

For a complete list of our Community Policies, please visit We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful online community on our platform.

Group Custom Guidelines and Policies:

Embrasure Space strongly encourages group administrators to implement their own set of community guidelines and policies that cater to the unique needs and characteristics of their groups. These tailored rules can provide additional guidance to group members and deepen the sense of community. However, it is paramount that these custom guidelines and policies do not contradict or undermine the overarching Community Policies and Terms of Service established by Embrasure Space. This ensures that while groups can cultivate their own cultures and norms, they must do so within the bounds of respect, safety, and fairness set by our platform. This balance between individual group identity and universal platform integrity is vital in fostering diverse, harmonious online communities on Embrasure Space.