Business Reviews Policy

Negative Reviews Policy:

While Embrasure Space is an open forum for discussion, we believe that when it comes to negative experiences with a business or service, there are more effective channels for expressing dissatisfaction. We encourage users who have had negative experiences to share their perspectives on review platforms such as Yelp, Google, or the Better Business Bureau. These platforms not only allow for a public display of your experience but also offer the business owner or representative a chance to respond and share their side of the story. As a compromise within our platform, users are permitted to post a link to their review provided it is hosted on one of the aforementioned platforms. By directing your feedback to these platforms, we can ensure a more balanced conversation and avoid potential legal complications. Remember, we are a community focused on respectful and insightful discussions.

If users choose to share negative opinions about a particular individual, business, or service, they do so at their own discretion. In the event that such posts lead to legal disputes or litigation, the user who posted the review is held responsible and liable for any costs or fees associated with such proceedings. We encourage users to express their views responsibly and to respect the rights, reputation, and privacy of others. As always, content must be in compliance with our overall community guidelines. Users found to be in violation of this policy may face consequences, including but not limited to, warnings or suspension. Please report any violations you observe.

In general, positive reviews are permitted, but please make sure such reviews are in compliance with our self-promotion policy found here: