Account Sharing and Digital Goods and Services Access

Account Sharing and Digital Goods/Services Access:

Account sharing for the purpose of accessing digital goods or services is strictly prohibited within our community. Users are expected to use their individual credentials for any use of our platform, and sharing of these credentials is a violation of our terms and conditions.

  • Account Sharing: Users are not allowed to share their account credentials with others or use another user’s credentials to access the platform. Each account is personal and intended for use by a single individual only. Sharing of accounts can lead to a lack of accountability and can disrupt the integrity of our community and services.
  • Access to Digital Goods/Services: Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to digital goods or services through shared accounts will be considered as a breach of our policy. Digital goods and services are meant to be accessed only by users who have legitimately purchased or subscribed to them.

Violation of this policy will result in immediate action, which could include warnings, suspension, or termination of the user’s account. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a secure, fair, and respectful environment for all our community members.