Updated 8/27/22

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The exam is difficult for test takers. Please study the material thoroughly to best prepare yourself for the exam. Most of the material you need to know is included in this study guide and it should prepare you well. The study guide is actively updated at least twice per year. You will see “updated + date” at the top of each lesson as we updated them.

Scope of Content:

As a dentist in California, you will learn that California has a lot of laws. Quite frankly, it is impossible for a dentist to be aware of every single law that applies to us as both clinicians and business owners within California. The scope of content that the dental board can pull from for this exam is very extensive and learning every rule that applies to us is not practical. The purpose of this guide is to be representative of the material you need to know to pass the exam.

This study guide is updated several times a year and your feedback is always appreciated by email.

Student Questions:

I do my best to help each student study for the exam. If you have questions, I try and make myself available by email Monday – Friday and reply promptly even after a student fails the exam. Please keep in mind, that I am practicing dentistry Monday through Friday and often reply to emails at the end of my regular workday. The best email address to use to contact me is help@embrasurespace.com


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Introduction to the California Dental Law and Ethics Exam Boards and Committees – DDS Task and Knowledge Statements Part 1 Task and Knowledge Statements Part 2 A Review of the California Dental Practice Act A Review of the CDA Code of Ethics Table of Permitted Duties Patient Records: Documentation, Backups, and Breaches Patient Record Maintenance and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Informed Consent Fictitious Business Names Rules for Storing and Disposing of Controlled Substances Mandated Reporting Treatment Accessibility & Payment Infection Control Substandard Treatment and Professionalism Advertising Social Media Rules, Regulations, and Changes Botox Prescriptions, Controlled Substances, and CURES Billing, Insurance, Co-payments, and Discounts Associates Patient Records: Minors Amalgam and Amalgam Disposal California Law and Ethics Practice Examination 1 – Basic Questions California Dental Law and Ethics Exam Practice Exam 2 California Dental Law and Ethics Practice Exam 3 25 Bonus Questions