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Covid-19 and the Future in Sterilization- A Team Approach

Monday, April 20th 2020

Will Covid19 prompt you to add Teledentistry to your practice?

Tuesday, April 21st 2020

Flipping the Switch: Preparing your Team, Patients, and Facility as you open for the "new" normal.

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Proactive Steps for Dental Practice Owners During and After Social Distancing

Thursday, April 23th 2020

Covid-19 and the Future in Sterilization- A Team Approach

Thursday, April 23th 2020

Find out why every dentist should have an estate plan in place

Friday, April 24th 2020

Operational protocols to consider in the post Covid19 dental office

Monday, April 27th 2020

Flipping the Switch PART 2 : Preparing the TEAM for the "New Normal"

Wednesday, April 29th 2020

Loans, Subsidies, Economic Relief, and your practice going forward

Thursday, April 30th 2020

Lending post Covid: What to expect and prepare for from lenders as dental practices reopen

Thursday, April 30th 2020

How we can not only survive but become better than ever in the post covid era and beyond!

Friday, May 1st 2020