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Dr. Travis Campbell is a General Dentist practicing in Prosper, Texas.  Since 2009, he has made it his mission to create a consistently excellent dental experience for his patients, while also building a strong, healthy, profitable practice.  Having known since he was a child that he wanted to be a dentist, Dr. Campbell completed his undergraduate studies at Baylor University.  He began his practice as a start-up upon graduation from Baylor College of Dentistry (2009).  His dental practice, 380 Family Dentistry, has grown into one of the top dental practices in the country.

Dr. Campbell has spent the better part of a decade studying the business of dentistry from some of the nation’s top dental practice consultants, coaches and authorities. He has developed a keen understanding of the patient service, management and clinical practices that actually work, to develop dental practices into thriving businesses. Through extensive continuing education, he has mastered clinical skills in prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, as well as the treatment of migraines and TMJ dysfunction. The merger of clinical and practical methods achieves the best outcomes for everyday dental practice and delivers reliable systems you can use in your own practice.  He develops and tests his methods in the real-life laboratory of his dental office.  This litmus test ensures his processes translate smoothly into daily practice.  He has a talent for distilling concepts and practice management philosophies into simpler terms that can be easily applied by others.

In 2015, Dr. Campbell decided to start sharing his unique perspective as both a dentist and practice management authority.  Working with other dentists to provide them with personalized dental practice consulting has proven to be as fulfilling for him as it is profitable for his clients.  His out-of-the-box approach to practice management combines advanced clinical techniques with concrete business practices to propel dentists forward.  Not a ‘cookie-cutter’ consultant, Dr. Campbell works with clients to identify areas of their practice that need improvement.  He then takes a surgical approach to initiating changes. His precision technique provides targeted solutions, rather than the often disruptive approach of initiating complete practice overhauls.  His passion for helping other dentists achieve their dreams is fueled by their successes.

Recently, Dr. Campbell has begun sharing his experience and expertise on a broader scale, lecturing in the DFW area and at select dental schools.  He has developed continuing education courses, such as the one featured here, in order to broaden accessibility to practical, applicable information to his peers.

Dr. Campbell is available as a lecturer for dental society meetings, study clubs and other engagements.  He can be reached via email at

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