Embrasure Space can serve as a marketplace for educators to create, share, and sell their own courses. 

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Delia Tuttle has agreed to post her course – What Can You Do With a Bur and a Blade – on Embrasure Space.

Course description :

I believe in technology but I believe in simple practical dentistry. This course will give many tips and tricks to achieve excellence in your daily dentistry by using basic instruments such a bur and a blade. The clinical case presentations and videos will bring back your enthusiasm and it will increase your practice revenue. Dentistry is a wonderful career and you should never get bored. Get your first class ticket to excellence by using just a blade and bur!! ” The eyes are useless when the mind is blind ”

Learning objectives :

Quick guide to achieve great soft tissue architecture involving pontics

soft tissue management around implants : different flap design

Excessive gingival display treatment involving simple gingivectomy to periodontal plastic surgery

Gum melanin removal : ” gum bleaching therapy “

Crown lengthening procedure to save teeth.

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