Understanding Insurance and PPOs for Team Members

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This product grants team members access to Dr. Travis Campbell’s course titled: “Understanding Insurance and PPOs”

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This product grants team members access to Dr. Travis Campbell’s course titled: “Understanding Insurance and PPOs”

CE Details: The format of this lecture is a recorded video webinar. This electronically delivered self-instructional program is designated for 1.5 hours of CE credit by Embrasure Space. AGD Subject Code: 550.


Does insurance drive you and your team crazy?  Are you getting denied for legitimate claims on common services like crowns and SRP?  Do you ever have patients upset because they owe more money after their EOB comes in?

This course will help teach you and your team how to play the insurance game so that you can win almost every time.  There are simple and practical steps all throughout this CE course that will guide you to a better understanding of insurance and how you can manage them.  Are you ready to change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance?  All it takes is 90 minutes for you to reach that goal!

Dr. Travis Campbell has been a thought leader in the online communities for years.  One of his passions has been helping other dentists to become more efficient and less stressed about daily office life.   He has written a book on practice management and efficiency, speaks on a variety of topics, coaches offices in efficiency and stress reduction, and has become a very valuable member of the national dental community.

Educational Objectives:

  • Help dentist and team to better understand insurance – smoother and more profitable.
  • The Insurance Game
  • Avoid common insurance issues
  • Fraud – what it is, isn’t, how to avoid it
  • Get paid on the commonly denied services
  • Offer premium/upgrade services
  • Bonus section on discounts and legality

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Travis Campbell is a full-time practicing dentist. He started his practice from scratch after graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry (2009) and has grown this single dentist practice to almost $2M annually. Having made the typical mistakes as a new business owner, he has worked diligently to learn how to become a highly capable business owner and people manager in addition to his clinical skills. He has a passion for helping others avoid the typical dental business pitfalls and become highly successful business owners, “CEOs” and team builders in addition to being Doctors. As a result, Dr. Campbell has become well known for his knowledge/experience in dental business management and efficiency. He is an author, speaker at dental seminars, a contributor of various on-line dental communities and a dental coach/consultant. His book on dental office management is scheduled for release at the end of 2018, and another book for new dentists in 2019. Dr. Campbell lives in Prosper, Texas with his wife, daughter and soon-to-be son!

Disclosures: The speaker declared no disclosures. This speaker nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with a corporate organization offering financial support for this continuing dental education program. The speaker is the author of a book mentioned and referenced during this lesson.

Common Questions:

  • When can I access the course? This is a digital product. Customers have immediate access to the content after purchasing the course.
  • How long do I have access to the course? Your access to the course does not expire.
  • How many times can I watch the course? We do not limit the number of times a customer can view a course they purchase.
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