RDH California Dental Law and Ethics Exam Practice Exam


This practice exam consists of 50 questions to prepare registered dental hygienists for the RDH California Dental Law and Ethics Examination.

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This product consists of one practice exam that contains 50 questions and brief explanations for the Registered Dental Hygienists California Dental Law and Ethics exam. The exam is accessible immediately after purchasing the course. Upon submission, the exam is automatically graded and the correct answers are displayed. The exam can be reset and retaken if needed. This practice test is intended for Dental Hygienists and NOT dentists (this exam will not help dentists pass their ethics exam). If you are a dentist seeking a study guide for the California Dental Law and Ethics exam, click here. While this practice exam may benefit Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice, it is designed for Registered Dental Hygienists. We are working on a practice exam for RDHAPs.

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