Pasquale Venuti and the Dental Amigos


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CE Details: The format of this lecture is a recorded video webinar. This electronically delivered self-instructional program is separated into 2 courses designated for 7.5 hours of CE credit by Embrasure Space. 3 Hours AGD Subject Code 250 and 4.5 hours of AGD Subject Code 610.


The workhorse of general dental practice is treating caries, cracks, and fractures of the teeth. This course offers a comprehensive approach to the general dentist, sharing Dr. Pasquale Venuti’s 20 years of clinical experience. More emphasis will be put on Vertical Crowns and the science of isolation and matrixing, thanks to recent advancements in this field, including the introduction of Teflon and Bioclear Matrices.

Educational Objectives:

Day 1 Objectives: Potential Possibilities & Limitations of Adhesive Dentistry

  • An Anti-fragile Perspective on Iatorgenic Occurrences
  • Fundamentals of Isolation Including Troubleshooting and Newest Available Techniques
  • New Perspectives on Semeiotics and the Management of Caries
  • Wedging Strategies: Pre-wedging, Progressive-wedging and Delayed-wedging
  • Best Injection Molding Practices

Day 2 Objectives: Emphasis on Vertical Crowns and the Science of Isolation and Matrixing

  • Potential Possibilities and Limitations of Adhesive Dentistry
  • How and Why You Might Re-think Biologic Width
  • Deep Marginal Acquisition, Deep Marginal Extension, Deep Marginal Elevation
  • Vertical Crowns: Geometry, Kinematics and Drilling Protocol
  • Endo-restorative continuum

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Venuti graduated cum laude from Naples’s University dental program  in 1999. Since then he has been running a general dental practice, inherited from father, in the the same village he was born and grew-up in together with his brother, who is a dental hygienist. After an early prominent interest in Orthodontics, he then earned a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics from a University in Denmark.  He has many interests in all branches of dentistry, with special focus in implantology, endodontics and restorative dentistry. In the last 5 years, he has found and lead a group, called Tomorrow Tooth, together with two American Dentists, David Clark and John Khademi, that gathers almost 50,000 general dentists from all around the world.

Disclosures: The speaker declared no disclosures. This speaker nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with a corporate organization offering financial support for this continuing dental education program. The speaker is the author of a book mentioned and referenced during this lesson.