My Experience at an FQHC


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CE Details: The format of this lecture is a recorded video webinar. This electronically delivered self-instructional program is designated for 1 hour of CE credit by Embrasure Space. AGD Subject Code: 550.


This course will define what an FQHC is and describe what a typical workday looks like based on the presenting general dentist’s experiences. Topics that are discussed include location, hours, schedule, procedure mix, equipment, supplies, and benefits. This presentation is intended for dentists who are contemplating a position in an FQHC or are currently working in an FQHC and would like to compare their experience to one of their colleagues.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Define and Describe an FQHC
  2. Discuss facility, equipment, and working conditions
  3. Review what a day looks like at the FQHC where I work
  4. Review some clinical tips I have found useful in a public health setting
  5. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of working in an FQHC
  6. Review Loan Repayment Programs
  7. Understand the difference between the NHSC scholarship and the loan repayment program
  8. Review the benefits of the NHSC scholarship
  9. Review the basic requirements for the scholarship

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Chance Bodini is a general dentist practicing in San Diego, California. Chance graduated from the University of Maryland in 2015 and moved to Southern California to begin his career. Chance currently works as a dentist full-time in an FQHC and is the founder of Embrasure Space, Practice Rail, and Proximal Contact, LLC.

Disclosures: The speaker is the founder of Proximal Contact, LLC (the parent company of Embrasure Space). This speaker nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with a corporate organization offering financial support for this continuing dental education program. The speaker has no financial arrangement with any product or service mentioned in this course.