Buyer Coaching with Dr. Nacho


Buying or selling a dental practice is one of the most important decisions of a dentist’s life. Paul Goodman calls this event a One Time Transaction because the majority of dentists purchase and sell their practices only once during their entire careers. 

When engaging in one time transactions, it is imperative that the dentist be prepared. Preparing to purchase or sell a practice involves consulting with experts and assembling a team to inform and support the buyer or seller during the transition. 

As a general dentist, teacher, multiple practice owner, practice broker, and coach, Dr. Paul Goodman has a unique perspective into the business of dentistry and is passionate about helping his clients find success. The first step in engaging with a coach is scheduling a consultation. Using the links below to schedule a 30, 60, or 120 minute consultation with Dr. Paul Goodman. 

Consultations are conducted in person or remotely using Zoom or the telephone.


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