Providing support for your customers is important to me, so I have spent the past month upgrading the support system within Embrasure Space to streamline both the submission and resolution of support tickets.

There are now several ways for your customers to get help if they need it that you should be aware of.

First, we are building a knowledge-base that will contain answers to FAQs for users of Embrasure Space, Proximal Contact, and Practice Rail that can be found by visiting There is a convenient link within the support menu on the top bar of Embrasure Space that your customers can use to access the knowledge-base or submit a ticket.

Within the same menu is a link to submit a ticket. Clicking on “submit a ticket” will take the user to a screen where she can ask a question. When a user submits a ticket, I receive an email and will attend to it promptly.

Alternatively, customers can submit a support request for a specific order from the order details screen.

To navigate to the order details, a user must login to Embrasure Space, click on “my account”, and then click on “orders”. From there, the customer can see a list of her past purchases and click on “get help” to request help with any one of her orders as outlined in the screenshots below:


This system should save all of us time while also improving me and my eventual team’s ability to provide timely customer support. If a customer has a question about your on demand CE course, feel free to advise them to submit a ticket and we’ll take care of it from there.

What about vendors? You have my email address, so you can always send me an email, but I’m also building to help support vendors, affiliates, and power users of all the platforms we are building. I will use this website as a central place to post updates about new services and planned features that you can leverage to build your businesses.

All the best,



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