As an online store, it is important that the checkout process on Embrasure Space is seamless. An abandoned cart is the term used to describe when a potential customer adds a product to her shopping cart, begins filling in her contact information, but does not submit payment or complete checkout. This customer was close to finishing her purchase but either changed her mind or was interrupted.

At Embrasure Space we use Google Analytics to track how many carts are abandoned each day, month, and year. An important part of our growth strategy is to reduce the number of abandoned carts. Today, we have enabled abandoned cart emails that are automatically triggered 6 hours after a potential customer abandons her cart in an attempt to re-capture the lead and complete the sale.

This service is free and there is nothing you need to do to enable this feature for your product(s). Over the next twelve months we will monitor the success of the abandon cart email campaign and make changes as needed.

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